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Vote Faber and Shelstad for Campbell County Commission

I emphatically endorse and urge you to vote for Colleen Faber and Del Shelstad for Campbell County Commissioner. They deserve your support. To start, both Faber and Shelstad have been leading the effort to cut spending and prepare Campbell County for the future. That alone is worth giving them four more years.   Sure there is much left to be done, and Del Shelstad and Colleen Faber are...

HD-1: If votes supporting Republicans in the legislature are cows, Tyler Lindholm is all hat no cattle.

In HD-1 vote for the candidate that will stand with the Republican Party, Chip Neiman. The Bad Choice Evidence-based Wyoming ranks Tyler Lindholm as a liberal Republican. In 2020, in at least 80 votes, he voted against his party’s majority. Nine of those times, it caused the Republicans majority to lose those votes. On top of that, Rep. Lindholm led the revolt against Rep. Gray’s...

Senator Tom James is a Rock Star

If you don’t know Senator Tom James, a Republican representing Sweetwater County, you should. He’s helped improve the transparency of Wyoming government spending more in his first term than just about any other politician. OpenTheBooks.com has been for three years trying to shed light on where the spending in Wyoming is centered. They’ve done great work in providing...

Dan Crenshaw is a Rockstar, I wish we could get him to come and school our state legislators

It’s to bad he’s not from Wyoming, the world could use a few more cowboys like him. This will make you question how you vote in 2020. pic.twitter.com/CxvKRBYUJ3— Dan Crenshaw (@DanCrenshawTX) January 21, 2020 Truth! Applying this to our state, I think of our legislators, especially my legislators from Campbell County. especially from Campbell Country. Medicaid expansion...

Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming politics, conservatively by the numbers

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