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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy is simple: We keep any information gathered here private, with one exception. We reserve the right to share information with political parties and candidates that support Evidence-Based Wyoming’s politics as determined by Evidence-Based Wyoming.

We use cookies in so far as the tools we use to publish the site use cookies. A cookie may be used by WordPress to remember information that pertains to if you comment on the website. See WordPress’s privacy policy for more information.

We are not responsible for third-party data collection or their use of cookies.

Be aware third-party tools are used to build, host and present the website, including but not limited to WordPress, Facebook and Google.

Google gathers lots of data from our site and the users that find us via their browsers and search engine, read their privacy policy. WordPress will gather data for visiting the blog as well. Facebook may also collect data if you come here via our Facebook page, read their privacy policy.

If you stay and read our content that act or by clicking the privacy policy warning displayed when you first visit the page indicates your complete and total acceptance of our privacy policy.

If you don’t like it go away, navigate somewhere else and stop reading our content.