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Vote Faber and Shelstad for Campbell County Commission

I emphatically endorse and urge you to vote for Colleen Faber and Del Shelstad for Campbell County Commissioner. They deserve your support.

To start, both Faber and Shelstad have been leading the effort to cut spending and prepare Campbell County for the future. That alone is worth giving them four more years.  

Sure there is much left to be done, and Del Shelstad and Colleen Faber are who we need to do it. Both have been laser-focused on getting costs down and spending less while still serving the citizens of Campbell County.

But there is more…character.

While Faber and Shelstad have pursued their reform agenda, they’ve done so as Republicans. Their dedication to their principles and the Republican ethos should be the gold standard of all our elected Republicans.  

To see that you only have to look at their actions to support life. While the topic is oft controversial, the example Faber and Shelstad set is impeccable.

Both Faber and Shelstad understand money is fungible, and giving county funding to an organization that provides abortion referrals is still using taxpayer dollars to take an innocent life. Shelstad and Faber stuck to their Republican principles and said, in short, as long as Gillette Reproductive Health referred for abortions, there would be no county funding.   

Gillette Reproductive Health could have renounced all abortion referrals, and would likely have received funds from the county. Still, they decided that providing abortions referrals was more important than the other services they could have provided Campbell county. By sticking to their guns, Faber and Shelstad let Gillette Reproductive Health defund themselves.

Faber and Shelstad support Republican principles and are ready to do the difficult job of reducing the size and scope of our county government. You can’t ask for better in these trying times.

Please vote for Colleen Faber and Del Shelstad; they will prepare Campbell County for the future.

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