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HD-1: If votes supporting Republicans in the legislature are cows, Tyler Lindholm is all hat no cattle.

In HD-1 vote for the candidate that will stand with the Republican Party, Chip Neiman.

The Bad Choice

Evidence-based Wyoming ranks Tyler Lindholm as a liberal Republican. In 2020, in at least 80 votes, he voted against his party’s majority. Nine of those times, it caused the Republicans majority to lose those votes.

On top of that, Rep. Lindholm led the revolt against Rep. Gray’s voter ID amendment. Voter ID, especially in the age of COVID, is essential to ensuring our elections are free and fair and is consequently a Republican party priority.  Rep. Lindholm has also stood against the Republican Party call to end party-switching on election day, to add insult to injury.  

Rep. Lindholm does what’s best for Rep. Lindholm. He knows well that if cross over voting were to stop in Wyoming, his electability would plummet. He was protecting his seat and not doing what is best for Republicans or Wyoming. That alone should disqualify him from earning your vote.

In the Republican Primary, it’s best to select the candidate who supports the Republican Party most, and that’s not Tyler Lindholm.

The Good Choice

Chip Neiman is the best choice for HD-1. He’s a Republican and a conservative. Mr. Neiman supports the platform, and you can take his word to the bank.

Mr. Neiman is a successful rancher and businessman and has been active in the Crook County Republican Party. He will put Wyoming ahead of his ambition. When making important decisions, you can count on Chip Neiman to vote for Wyoming’s best interest, not himself.

Pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-tax, Mr. Neiman will do what’s best for Wyoming.

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