January 28, 2022

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SD-18: You can vote for Tim French, or the liberal, or the big-spending anti-gun hall monitor

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SD-18: You can vote for Tim French, or the liberal, or the big-spending anti-gun hall monitor. Doug Gerard, creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming is proud to endorse Tim French for SD-18.

SD-18 Endorsement: Vote for Tim French, the only Republican choice.

Unusual as it may sound, but three candidates in the election for Senate District 18 doesn’t give you much choice.


Liberal Rep. David Northup isn’t the right choice. Evidence-Based Wyoming ranks Rep. Northup voting record as ‘Liberal.’ In 2020 Rep. Northup voted with the Democrats thirty-six times. Nine of those votes gave the Democrats and other liberal Republicans the win.  

For the eight years of his service, we’ve heard told of Wyoming’s coming financial train wreck. Governor Mead even proposed the Alverez and Marsal report in 2017 to save $230 million per biennium. Rep. Northup and his liberal allies have done nothing save whistle past the graveyard, focusing on higher taxes and not spending cuts. Little of the Alverez and Marsal report was implemented on Rep. Northup’s watch.

You can’t help wonder if while the governor is trying to make significant cuts offset the impact of COVID, the extra savings from the Alverez and Marsall Report would have been useful.

David Northup is one of the most liberal members of the Republican House of Representatives caucus. He loves high taxes and votes to spend, spend, and spend.

Park County can’t afford him in the Senate.


Can a proven liberal like David Northup be out liberaled by another candidate?

Sadly, Stefanie Bell does that, almost without trying. Having served on the school board for years, she has proven to be anti-gun (see her vote against the CKA, while 74% of the community was in favor), all the while supporting more and more spending.  

Can Park County afford to send another big spender like Ms. Bell to the Senate when Wyoming is in dire straights?

Ms. Bell, while a very nice person, doesn’t have what it takes to make the difficult choices coming in the next few years. Little to no experience running her own business, her government service in education, while admirable, only focuses on spending, spending, and spending.

Park County and Wyoming can’t afford Stephanie Bell.


Tim French is the right choice for Park County. A long time county commissioner and well-liked by the people of Park County, Tim French is familiar with making hard financial choices running his farm and Park County. Tim French can do the same for Wyoming.

Mr. French is the only candidate with business and government experience to shepherd Wyoming through these uncertain times.

Tim French is the only candidate Park County can trust to get the children educated, the roads maintained, and get the rest of the business of Wyoming done, so we can all prosper.

3 thoughts on “SD-18: You can vote for Tim French, or the liberal, or the big-spending anti-gun hall monitor

  1. Mr. Gerard,
    Your statements are false.

    Had you communicated with me, you would know the following-
    – There are four individuals in the Wyoming State Senate, District 18 race, not 3.

    I am not a liberal.
    – I am a conservative who supports the Wyoming Republican Platform.
    – I am a successful pro-life advocate with an unqualified endorsement of Wyoming Right to Life.
    – I am a fiscal conservative proven over 15 years as Treasurer of the Park6 School District including:
    – Healthy Cash Reserves
    – Annual budget returns to the district’s cash reserve
    – Documented adherence to the Wyoming Legislative Model
    – Budget reductions due to decreased statewide funding yet retaining education programs that
    continue to benefit Park County students.

    I am not anti-gun
    – I am a gun owner committed to the U.S. Constitution, including the foundational rights of the 2nd
    Amendment, which guarantees every American’s right to own and bear arms.
    – I have an NRA rating of B. I am not anti-gun.
    – My vote on Policy CKA in 2018 was not an anti-gun vote. The policy was flawed, and the Rule CKA passed on 8/13/2020 corrected many of the previous flaws. Trainer Bill Tallen spoke that the Board appropriately made minor and major changes, which significantly improved the policy. He applauded and supported the board action. The Board action on Rule CKA on 8/13/2020 was a unanimous vote. (Rule CKA Motion made by Trustee Rosencranse and second by Trustee Stefanie Bell)

    I am not a big spender –
    Mr. Gerard does not explain his opinion. Maybe he is referring to the support I give to my community:
    – Northwest College Presidential Partner since 1995
    – Northwest Yellowstone Building Donor
    – Northwest College Foundation Scholarship since 2007
    – Serenity Pregnancy Resource Center
    – Yellowstone Recreation Foundation
    – Park County Nordic Ski Association

    I have business experience –
    – Partner in Bleistein LLC, an established Cody business offering commercial and business rental property.
    – Sole Proprietor of Nowood Creek LLC

    Mr. Gerard, I am not a “hall-monitor.” I am a 5-term elected official who has made difficult decisions for 20 years. If you reject this evidence, perhaps you don’t support duly elected officials, small business, or gun owners.

    You were correct on one thing – I am a nice person.
    Stefanie Bell, Candidate
    Wyoming State Senate, District 18
    Trustee, Park County School District No. 6
    Proud wife of James Bell, 33 years
    Knights of Columbus, International Family of the Year 2014
    Knights of Columbus, Wyoming Family of the Year 2014
    Mom of 10 beautiful, educated, and accomplished children

    P.S. Thank you for your apology but an apology without correcting your blog is wrong.
    Why are candidate, Richard Jones’ comments deleted?

  2. Doug, I’m sorry you don’t like my endorsement of Tim French.

    I take your point of bias and updated the post to reflect it is my endorsement of Tim French. I’ve done that on other and thanks to your critique updated the post.

    I readily admit that endorsement reflects my personal bias. Sorry if that caused you confusion.

    I also added an additional category ‘opinion’ to mark those items that are opinion versus those that deal with the analysis of voting records. I hope that clarifies things for you.

  3. Poorly written article with little to no substance. Opinion based, not evidence based as it should be. I would expect something better to learn about the candidates than this fake news, biased garbage. If you want to live in fear, keep reading these articles.

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