February 26, 2021

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Troy McKeown: one of the people, for all the people

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TROY MCKEOWN: ONE OF THE PEOPLE, FOR ALL THE PEOPLE Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, is excitedly endorsing Troy McKeown for Senate District 24 over the most liberal Republican in the legislature, Senator Michael von Flatern.

Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, is excitedly endorsing Troy McKeown for Senate District 24 over the most liberal Republican in the Legislature, Senator Michael von Flatern.

The Wrong Choice – Michael von Flatern

Senator Michael von Flatern is a good man. The Connecticut raised Senator, and I disagree on just about every major policy issue. During his time in the legislature, he has never dissembled, double-talked, or deceived me. He’s honest and stands up for what he believes.

Unfortunately, what Senator von Flatern, serving since 2005, and most other liberal Frontier Republicans, believe is wrong and out of touch with most Wyoming citizens. If we continue down the more tax, more spending, anti-second amendment agenda Sen. von Flatern champions, Wyoming will suffer. Wyoming is losing jobs, losing business, and losing people.

Wyoming demands better.

Perhaps the biggest argument against Sen. von Flatern is in the fifteen years he has been in the legislature next to nothing has been accomplished to reform Wyoming government.

Even the ultra-liberal Governor Mead understood the need to reform Wyoming government.  

Governor Mead proposed the Alverez and Marsal Report in 2017 as a way to improve Wyoming’s government. For an outlay of $30 million, Wyoming could be saving up to $230 million per biennium. Yet Senator von Flatern and his liberal colleagues steadfastly ignored the report, implementing precious little of it.

The fact that this report exists and remains unimplemented is proof that the liberal legislators need to go. We need new blood, new ideas, and a government that understands living within its means is the most essential principle for Wyoming.

Sen. von Flatern is a good man who did his best, and his best hasn’t worked. His big-spending, more tax plan has failed Wyoming.  

Wyoming demands better.  

The Right Choice – Troy McKeown

You can’t get more All American than Troy McKeown, a veteran, and a business owner who loves his state. Troy McKeown understands that Wyoming is at a crossroads that will take restraint, and a bit of tough love to save Wyoming.

Troy on Taxes

Troy McKeown has seen Wyoming struggle and recover before. 

Troy McKeown has excellent conservative ideas that will work.  

Troy McKeown understands that we need reform, as we can’t have a Lincoln Town-Car government on a Ford Taurus budget.

Troy McKeown will keep taxes low, and Make Wyoming Great Again, for business, for families and you.

I urge you to vote for Troy McKeown for Senate District 24, the job or business you save may be your own.

1 thought on “Troy McKeown: one of the people, for all the people

  1. I totally agree. I personally voted for Troy, and do know him as a local business owner here in Gillette who is down to earth and a great addition to Wyoming politics. We definitely needed a true Conservative to replace the RINO we had previously. Let’s keep Big Beautiful Wyoming RED RED RED. Forget about the U. S. southern border, Liberals will only tear apart the hard work President Trump did securing it. Build a WALL around Wyoming, charge admission to get in, after insuring the individual is LEGAL.

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