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Convention, Conversation, and Correction

On Friday, June 26th, I attended the Wyoming Republican Convention. This year is the first year that I had a booth for my legislative ranking system. It’s been an exciting experience so far. I conversed with thirty or more Republicans of all stripes.   One of the more interesting conversations was with Rep. Jared Olsen (R-Cheyenne)… Read More »Convention, Conversation, and Correction

Let’s “Throw the bums out”

So the campaign season is here. Many candidates are already canvassing their districts. The sense is that COVID-19 absentee and early voting, which begins July 3rd, will be critical in this year’s election. Last night saw a debate for state legislative office last night in Campbell County. It was lively with the incumbents, especially Rep.… Read More »Let’s “Throw the bums out”

Senator Tom James is a Rock Star

If you don’t know Senator Tom James, a Republican representing Sweetwater County, you should. He’s helped improve the transparency of Wyoming government spending more in his first term than just about any other politician. has been for three years trying to shed light on where the spending in Wyoming is centered. They’ve done great work… Read More »Senator Tom James is a Rock Star

Frontier Republicans – about civility or control?

So the Frontier Republicans are demanding civility in Wyoming’s political discourse. Is that what they want, or are their motives more sinister? Recently an email was sent out from the Frontier Republicans calling for civility while in different forums they vilifyied others as extremists and implied they are cockroaches. (Yeah, they really did that, they… Read More »Frontier Republicans – about civility or control?

Frontier Republicans – the new way to avoid accountability

A lot of chatter has been generated lately by a new group calling themselves ‘Frontier Republicans.’ This group believes that the Republican Party has been taken over by extremists. These ‘Frontier Republicans’ claim they represent the ‘real Republican Party’ and demand that there ‘should be no litmus test to be a Republican.’ Frontier Republicans are… Read More »Frontier Republicans – the new way to avoid accountability