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Newsome’s Cherry Picking

Rep. Sandy Newsome doesn’t like my endorsement of Nina Webber. In reply, she cherry-picked and posted a few of her votes that agreed with well known conservative Rep. Dan Laursen.

As it turns out that is a really bad idea.

One of the things you can do with Evidence-Based Wyoming is to compare legislators to other legislators. So that’s what I did.

I compared all legislators to Rep. Dan Laursen on the Republican side and the Democrat Majority on the Democrat side for the most recent 2020 session.

The results are not what Rep. Newsome seems to think they should be.

Rep. Newsome only votes in agreement with Rep. Laursen an astonishingly paltry 64.4% of the time. When Rep. Newsome is compared to the Democrat majority she votes with the Democrat majority a whopping 88.6% of the time. For comparison, Rep. Laursen only votes with the Democrat majority 58.3% of the time.

Rep. Newsome chose the comparison, and it shows she votes closer to a Democrat more often than a conservative Republican.

This is precisely why Rep. Newsome needs to go. We need people who can make hard decisions and reform the Wyoming government. Rep. Newsome has had her chance and sided with the Democrats and liberal Republicans.

It’s why you should vote for Nina Webber.