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HD-24: Vote Nina Webber – An Actual Republican


Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, excitedly endorses Nina Webber for House District-24. Nina Webber is not only the conservative choice; by the numbers, Nina is the only Republican choice.

Let’s, for a second, ignore Sandy Newsome’s nonexistent support for gun rights. Let’s also ignore Sandy Newsome’s support for job-killing and business crushing taxes. Let’s focus on Sandy Newsome’s voting record in its entirety.

Evidence-Based Wyoming’s data for 2020 shows Rep. Newsome as one of eight Republicans more likely to vote in line with the average-Democrat than the average Republican.  

Nina Webber is the Republican choice:

  • Nina Webber is pro-gun. 
  • Nina Webber is pro-life.
  • Nina Webber knows reforming government is critical to Wyoming’s success.
  • Nina Webber understands the challenges facing our small businesses.

Help save Wyoming, vote Nina Webber in HD-24, the job or business you save may be your own.


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  • This is Sandy Newsome your statement about my votes on pro-gun legislation is false.
    Let’s review my voting record on gun legislation as compared to Dan Laursen listed as conservative
    HB0016 Consolidation of theft crimes. Newsome Yes Laursen yes
    HB0028 Firearm regulation. Newsome yes Laursen yes
    HB0059 Reporting of and relief from firearms disqualification. Withdrawn by sponsor
    HB0078 Firearms in private vehicles. Newsome yes Newsome Also voted yes in committee Laursen yes
    HB0118 Second Amendment Preservation Act. Newsome yes Laursen yes
    HB0180 Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments-2. Not Considered for introduction
    SF0080 Handgun purchases. Failed in Senate not heard in House
    SF0088 Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments. Failed in Senate not heard in House
    SF0105 Concealed weapons permit renewal-military duty. Newsome yes Newsome also voted yes in committee Laursen yes
    SJ0001 Firearm and hunter education. Newsome yes Newsome also voted yes in committee Laursen yes
    I don’t see any difference. I am not sure why I am considered anti-gun.
    I voted for SF0097 Born alive infant means of care. We have very strong abortion laws in Wyoming. There was an amendment in the budget bill that would prohibit state funds from being used for abortions. I voted no on that amendment because we already have a statute 35-6-117 that states that no state funds can be used to pay for abortion. You can look up all of our abortion law in chapter 35 section 6 of our statutes. I will do nothing that will weaken our laws.
    As a business owner in Cody for over 30 years Sandy took action when Covid-19 hit Wyoming.
    We immediately cut rents in half for the Sheridan Avenue businesses that rent from her company.
    I fought for legislation to make sure Wyoming businesses got the federal stimulus money
    they deserved. Park County businesses have received over $7.5 million in state grants.
    I fought for non-profit organizations to be included in the state grant programs.
    I fought to protect businesses from frivolous Covid-19 lawsuits.
    I supported the opening of the Cody Nite Rodeo and Cody Stampede.
    Ms Webber on the other hand moved here in 2019 after a resounding defeat in her bid to be re-elected county clerk. Ms Webber had applied for the appointment of Secretary of State when Ed Murray resigned. She did not make the short list. Ms Webber stated in an article in her hometown newspaper, the Thermopolis Independent Record dated Aug 23, 2018, that she moved to Cody because she had “political support”. It seems she is not interested in representing me and others in House District 24 but is focused on her own political career and this is simply a stepping stone.

Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming politics, conservatively by the numbers

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