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If you can’t win the argument, trash talk!

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You know you must be winning an argument when your opponents ignore the debate and go right to the personal attacks. I understand Evidence-based Wyoming Legislative Analysis Tool makes individual legislators angry. Thus, I work hard, removing all possible sources of bias, fixing errors when discovered, and taking full blame when the mistakes lead to… Read More »If you can’t win the argument, trash talk!

You can’t spell RINO without Frontier

Forgive me, I’m not particularly eager to stoop to such comments, but that one was too funny not to include. Beware who you vote for down-ballot! The Frontier Republicans and their political action committee the Frontier Conservatives are promoting a slate of candidates for precinct-men and precinct-women in Campbell County. I’d advise you not to… Read More »You can’t spell RINO without Frontier

Evidence-Based Wyoming’s Voter Guide

I’ve received many requests for an Evidence-Based Wyoming Voter Guide. I don’t have a read on all the races. I present this list as my list of must-win candidates for the next legislature. If your district isn’t listed, I don’t know enough about that race to make a recommendation. Wyoming needs change!  The current trajectory of… Read More »Evidence-Based Wyoming’s Voter Guide

HD-43: Save Jobs, Vote John Harvey

HD-43 is one of the most vital races for conservatives to win if the legislature is going to get off the high-tax big-spending train conducted by Zwonitzer and Harshman. Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, endorses John Harvey for HD-43.   Democrats love Dan Zwonitzer.  The data from Evidence-Based Wyoming shows Rep. Zwonitzer votes more like a… Read More »HD-43: Save Jobs, Vote John Harvey

Allred for HD-21

Its time to end the effete tenure of Rep. Simpson. Rep. Evan Simpson has got to go.  Rep. Simpson is one of the most liberal Representatives in the House.  Ten times in 2020 alone, Rep. Simpson voted against the Republican caucus in the Senate. If that doesn’t earn Taylor Allred your vote, ask yourself how Wyoming is… Read More »Allred for HD-21

HD-30, return Jennings to Cheyenne

Mark Jennings is the conservative thought leader Wyoming needs. Doug Gerard creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming is proud to endorse Mark Jennings for HD-30. Rep. Jennings has been in the legislature for six years. For each of those six years, Rep. Jennings has been fighting to save Wyoming from higher taxes and out of control government… Read More »HD-30, return Jennings to Cheyenne

HD-29 Vote for Ken Pendergraft

Liberal Mark Kinner has had his chance and failed. Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, endorses Ken Pendergraft for HD-29. Ken Pendergraft should earn your vote because:  Ken is a conservative who practices what he preaches. Ken understands we need government reform before we do anything else. Ken understands new taxes may close many… Read More »HD-29 Vote for Ken Pendergraft