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Wyoming is in for a high spending and high tax agenda for the next two years


BREAKING: Wyoming, we’re in for continued high spending and high tax next two years with the election of new Republican House Leadership.

The leadership of the 66th Wyoming Legislature:

  • Speaker of the House: Rep. Barlow – Rated Very Liberal, average party support
  • Majority floor leader: Rep. Sommers – Rated Liberal, abandons party more than average
  • Speaker Pro Tem: Rep Greear – Rated Moderate, frequently supports the party
  • Majority Whip: Rep Olsen, Rated Liberal, average party support

This is one of the most liberal leadership classes in living memory. It will take a herculean effort to beat back the new taxes and new spending this group will want Wyoming to bear. They may well bankrupt the state.


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  • They were elected by the newly elected Legislature. There are still not enough conservative legislators. Keep an eye on voting records this year.

  • So they set it up to ensure their “tradition” leads to more liberal leadership even after we suffer through Barlow.
    A parting gift from those unseated?

Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming politics, conservatively by the numbers

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