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Rep. Sweeney The 10th Democrat

This is a first. In the eight years I’ve done this analysis I’ve never seen a Republican agree with the Democrats more often than any Democrat. Until yesterday the 17th of February. Representative Sweeney (R?-Natrona) set a record by out agreeing with Minority Floor Leader Connolly votes. Rep. Sweeney did so by out agreeing with not one but two Democrats with a whopping 91.5%...

Privacy Policy updated

We updated the privacy party, just so you know. It clears up what we are responsible for and what we are not.

We take responsibility for everything we do.

We don’t take responsibility for what third parties like WordPress, Facebook and Google do.

The America and Wyoming I want to live in

The Patriot Post is one of my favorite sites. It has great articles that reflect the common sense conservatism I believe in. I don’t always agree with them but even when I don;’ they make sound constitutional arguments the indicate the America I grew up in and want to see passed on to the next generation. With Martin Luther King day coming up the Patriot Post published this article...

Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming politics, conservatively by the numbers

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