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Evidence-Based Wyoming’s Voter Guide

I’ve received many requests for an Evidence-Based Wyoming Voter Guide. I don’t have a read on all the races. I present this list as my list of must-win candidates for the next legislature. If your district isn’t listed, I don’t know enough about that race to make a recommendation. Wyoming needs change!  The current trajectory of… Read More »Evidence-Based Wyoming’s Voter Guide

HD-30, return Jennings to Cheyenne

Mark Jennings is the conservative thought leader Wyoming needs. Doug Gerard creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming is proud to endorse Mark Jennings for HD-30. Rep. Jennings has been in the legislature for six years. For each of those six years, Rep. Jennings has been fighting to save Wyoming from higher taxes and out of control government… Read More »HD-30, return Jennings to Cheyenne

HD-29 Vote for Ken Pendergraft

Liberal Mark Kinner has had his chance and failed. Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, endorses Ken Pendergraft for HD-29. Ken Pendergraft should earn your vote because:  Ken is a conservative who practices what he preaches. Ken understands we need government reform before we do anything else. Ken understands new taxes may close many… Read More »HD-29 Vote for Ken Pendergraft

Round 2 of Justify It.

Rep. Lindholm, when you’re in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

Recently,  Tyler Lindholm got taken to task for preventing 2020’s SF-70 from becoming law.  He was asked about his role in the fiasco, and his response was a generic deflection that omitted the most critical features of SF-70.   Rep. Lindholm was quoted by one of his supporters on Facebook as saying, “SF-70 is being reported as some… Read More »Rep. Lindholm, when you’re in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

Vote Faber and Shelstad for Campbell County Commission

I emphatically endorse and urge you to vote for Colleen Faber and Del Shelstad for Campbell County Commissioner. They deserve your support. To start, both Faber and Shelstad have been leading the effort to cut spending and prepare Campbell County for the future. That alone is worth giving them four more years.   Sure there is… Read More »Vote Faber and Shelstad for Campbell County Commission

Don’t fall for the ‘experience’ canard

We don’t need legislators with experience. We need legislators to cut spending and reform government. Most of the incumbents running have had more than six years in the legislature. During that exact time span, we’ve have heard of the coming fiscal crisis and the increasing pressure on Wyoming’s budget. Just what are these incumbents going… Read More »Don’t fall for the ‘experience’ canard

How does your legislator vote?

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  • 3 min read

It’s an age-old question, and you’ll see many rankings, surveys, and analyses of a legislator’s actions. Unfortunately, most of these rankings inject the bias of the organization into the ranking. Wouldn’t it be better if there was a way to figure out a legislator’s preferences without bias, more like a science experiment? That’s where Evidence-base… Read More »How does your legislator vote?

Why do we hold primaries?

I had an interesting exchange over my endorsement for Chip Neiman. Shari Gose, a reader, took issues with my choice and the manner in which I called out Tyler Lindholm. She opined that my support was somehow paid for, implying nefarious motives. Those familiar with Evidence-Based Wyoming know that I am its creator and sole… Read More »Why do we hold primaries?