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Analysis of voting records of two or more elected officials.

2020 Voting Record Wyoming House of Representatives

The latest analysis in table form comparing each legislator against the Minority Floor Leader Rep Connolly as the representative of the Democrats and Speaker of the House Harshman as the representative of the Republicans.


2020 Voting Record – Wyoming House Democrats

2020 Voting Record – Wyoming House Republicans

2020 Legislative Analysis Full Results

February 14, 2020 Update

The data update for the Legislative Analysis Tool is complete. Once again a member of Republican Leadership is near the top of the table in agreeing with the Democrats most. Representative Barlow, the Majority Floor Leader agrees with the votes of Democrat Minority Floor Leader more than 88% of the time. This outdoes yesterday’s record set by Speaker Harshman of 86% Keep in mind the average...

February 13, 2020 Update

The Evidence-Based Wyoming Legislative Analysis Tool has been updated to include the voting in the legislature on February 12, 2020. Not too surprisingly there was a shift in the parties as no fewer than 17 Republicans voting records are closer to the average Democrat than the average Republican. This is likely caused by the number of bills coming up for introduction. As this is a budget session...

Leadership Matters

I was lucky enough to be on the radio in Cheyenne with Glen Woods Friday morning. He asked a pretty inciteful question that is worth a little examination. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it boiled down to this, “People say Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in the union. But when conservatives in Wyoming hear that we shake our heads and laugh, because to us, at...

The curious case of Representative Roscoe

One of the question I am frequently asked is “How do you know your data and conclusions are accurate?” Let’s look at the interesting case of Representative Jim Roscoe to find an answer. In many ways he represents the perfect test case. He served in the legislature for several years as a Democrat, until he was defeated by Rep. Marti Halverson. Fast forward to 2018, he became the...

How do your Wyoming state legislators vote?

Evidence Based Wyoming new interactive reporting tool allows you to see how your legislators vote relative to each other. Simply open a browser and go to Evidence Based Wyoming’s interactive legislator reporting website. In just a few clicks you can find out more about how an individual legislator votes than was previously available. It’s based on the legislator’s own voting...

Why Wyoming Is Doomed to Higher Taxes and Lower Economic Growth in One Table

2020 is upon us, and Wyoming’s future hangs in the balance, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to weather the storm. Before getting started, please take a moment to pause and note that everyone in our legislature and elected offices act with the best of intentions, doing their best for their constituents and Wyoming in general.  Without a single reservation, Wyoming and its government of...

Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming poltics, conservatively by the numbers

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