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Comparative Voting Analysis

Analysis of voting records of two or more elected officials.

Rating the Raters: Unmasking WYCAP’s ‘Conservative’ Scores – A Tale of Transparency, Twists, and Tenuous Truths

Have you come across the latest ‘transparent’ conservative rating site? It claims to be a beacon of truth, but a closer look reveals a different story. In an unexpected twist, the Wyoming Conservatice Accountability Project (WYCAP) legislator rating system ranks all five Democrats as more conservative than those often labeled as ultra-conservative, MAGA Republicans, or… Read More »Rating the Raters: Unmasking WYCAP’s ‘Conservative’ Scores – A Tale of Transparency, Twists, and Tenuous Truths

Raise the bar (and save Wyoming)

To save our Wyoming way of life in these trying economic times, we need to find candidates that will figuratively give their last full measure to achieve substantial spending cuts to protect Wyoming from tax increases and an income tax. Yes, the liberals (Democrats and Republicans) repeatedly moan, “You can’t cut your way out of… Read More »Raise the bar (and save Wyoming)

Evidence-Based Wyoming, the early years

In 2014 I built the first version of Evidence-Based Wyoming to analyze the votes of Wyoming legislators as they voted on legislative bills. Initially known as Evidence-Based Politics, Evidence-Based Wyoming was then first conceived as a mathematical science experiment that could be used to demonstrate and predict the voting proclivities of Wyoming legislators. What follows… Read More »Evidence-Based Wyoming, the early years

Convention, Conversation, and Correction

On Friday, June 26th, I attended the Wyoming Republican Convention. This year is the first year that I had a booth for my legislative ranking system. It’s been an exciting experience so far. I conversed with thirty or more Republicans of all stripes.   One of the more interesting conversations was with Rep. Jared Olsen (R-Cheyenne)… Read More »Convention, Conversation, and Correction