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2022 Election

No more RINOs!

Republican In Name Only is a term that is disrespectful and violates Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not disparage another Republican.” Yet I find a use for it. I do not support left or right wing RINOs.   Sen. Anthony Bouchard, candidate for US Congress, and his disciple SD-1 candidate Bill Fortner held a meet-and-greet… Read More »No more RINOs!

Why is Senator Anthony Bouchard afraid of freshman legislator Rep. John Bear?

Why won’t Senator Anthony Bouchard debate Rep. John Bear on the merits and ways to improve the Second Amendment Protection Act? What is Sen. Anthony Bouchard afraid of? A few days ago, Sen. Bouchard challenged Rep. John Bear to a debate as part of a conversation started by a Facebook pose by Rep. John Bear.… Read More »Why is Senator Anthony Bouchard afraid of freshman legislator Rep. John Bear?

Is your legislator frugal?

Wyoming’s government spending is the single biggest problem facing Wyoming.   For the last ten years, the drums have been beating relentlessly about the need for spending reform and Wyoming’s budgetary issues. In 2017, even the big-spending Governor Mead recognized the problems Wyoming faces and commissioned the Alverez and Marsall to provide a blueprint to cut… Read More »Is your legislator frugal?

Raise the bar (and save Wyoming)

To save our Wyoming way of life in these trying economic times, we need to find candidates that will figuratively give their last full measure to achieve substantial spending cuts to protect Wyoming from tax increases and an income tax. Yes, the liberals (Democrats and Republicans) repeatedly moan, “You can’t cut your way out of… Read More »Raise the bar (and save Wyoming)