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Correct an inaccuracy…

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In my recent letter on the budget allocation at Gillette Community College District, I made an error in describing the figures related to salaries for various sports programs and the Athletic Director. The figures I initially presented included not just the salaries but also additional costs associated with each position, such as travel, meals, and insurance. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The source of this data was Dr. Janell Oberlander, and I appreciate the transparency provided. It’s important to note that while the figures may have been misrepresented, the core argument remains unchanged: the faculty appears to be less prioritized compared to the sports program in terms of budget allocation.

In response to the college’s claim that my viewpoint represents a “small number of people,” I’d like to point out that this “small number” includes the faculty—the very individuals who are integral to the educational mission of the institution. I only wish the college would listen to their concerns as attentively as I have listened.


Email from Dr. Oberlander.

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