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No more RINOs!

Republican In Name Only is a term that is disrespectful and violates Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not disparage another Republican.” Yet I find a use for it.

I do not support left or right wing RINOs.  

Sen. Anthony Bouchard, candidate for US Congress, and his disciple SD-1 candidate Bill Fortner held a meet-and-greet event in Gillette. What was disturbing was the event also hosted a Constitution Party candidate.

Mr. Bouchard routinely attacks the Wyoming Republican Party, sounding much like the far-left Frontier Republicans. Sen. Bouchard’s “no compromise” mentality has seen little legislative success.  He almost killed the Wyoming Health Care Freedom Amendment, and his Second Amendment Protection Act has been dead on arrival in the Senate for years.

Knowing a conservative was running for SD-1, Rep. Fortner entered the race. Losing Rep. Fortner’s conservative record in the House damages the conservative cause. Worse, his presence in the SD-1 race gives the unpopular Sen. Driskill a path to victory.

Most troubling is these supposed Republicans actively support a third-party candidate. The same disturbing behavior, supporting non-Republican policies and candidates, draws the Republican grassroots ire. It is similar to when far-left Frontier Republicans like Rep. Barlow and Sen. Wasserburger support big spending Democrat policies.

Reagan championed the idea of the Republican happy warrior; it’s an ideal worthy of your support. That means voting for Abby Angelos, John Bear, Roger Connett, Tim Hallinan, and Chris Knapp in their Campbell County legislative races. Anyone else is a left or right wing RINO.