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So politics is making me angry again!

I’m still figuring out who to pick as my candidate for US House in 2022.

But politics is just as nasty as ever, but this for somereason really ticked me off…

Yesterday I shared the Facebook live stream of Darin Smith announcing he’s running for US Congress.

Not even five minutes go by and conservative Wyoming Facebook goes nuts with baseless character assassination in an effort to undermine his run.

Geesh I haven’t even decided who to support yet and folks are telling tall tales with no facts and based on nothing but rumor.

So let me make sure people can find a debunking of the asinine ideas claiming Darin Smith is a establishment Republican or even worse a Frontier Republican.

It’s a flat out false, based on an assumption from a coincidence and supposition. It’s not based on a single fact.

I know this because of four things:

  • The late Roy Edwards asked me why Darin left early after the convention expressing the concern Darin went to the dark side. I explained to him that Darin had to leave due to family commitments. It was the last time I spoke to Roy and it stuck in my memory because it was an odd conclusion.
  • Darin and I sat together at Friday’s convention dinner expressly because I knew he was leaving early Saturday because of family commitments.
  • As many folks know, I’ve been outspoken on the Frontier Republicans for a long time. I was one of the first people to speak up against the threat they posed/pose publically. One of the driving factors of that was the targeting of Darin as Laramie County GOP Chair by the uber-liberal Olsen twins (Jared and Dani), who are Frontier Republicans in all but name.
  • I wouldn’t have supported Darin in 2016 if he was either an establishment Republican or, worse, a Frontier Republican. In addition to myself, Darin also had the support of Justin Mader in 2016. If you doubt my conservative chops, that’s fine, but Justin’s are without blemish, and he’s been involved in Wyoming politics for far longer.

I’ll have an opinion piece up on soon discussing my thoughts on the US House contest. Darin’s entry to the race has thrown a monkey wrench into my decision making process.

I have some more work to do.