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March 5th, 2021 Today in the Legislature

The schedule of the Wyoming House, 10am.

The schedule of the Wyoming Senate, 10 am. The most important item on the agenda is SF-34 Born alive infant-means of care on the Third Reading Consent list.

Committee meetings starting at 8 am

House Judiciary hears HB-116 Concealed carry-residency requirement-2 today at 8 am. This is a great bill to make Wyoming a true constitutional carry state, this is a must-pass in my opinion. You can Testify or Watch.

Senate Judiciary hears SF-100 Internet freedom-prohibiting discrimination. This is another must-pass bill. It will prevent big tech from deplatforming or discriminating against you just because you hold views they don’t like. This is a vital piece of legislation in the age of technology. Testify Watch

Committee meetings starting upon noon recess

House Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions hears HB-163 Federal congressional elections-residency., this bill will get rid of the carpet baggers, allowing only people who satisfy residency requirements to run for federal office in Wyoming. Testify Watch

Committee meetings starting 15 minutes after the noon recess

Senate Minerals, Business & Economic Development hears SJ-2 Convention of states-2. This bill must not pass. A convention of the state, colloquially a “Con-Con” or “Article 5” convention is a bad idea, specifically because of the threat of a runaway convention. 

A runaway convention can happen event with theoretical limits preventing convention delegates from each state from voting on items outside a particular set of topics. 

In fact, historically a runaway convention is how we ended up with the Constitution.  The convention to fix the Articles of Confederation that the US was originally formed under drafted the Constitution and was completely out of the scope of action for the committee and the authorization of the delegates from each state or commonwealth. 

The chances of a convention of the states being divinely inspired a second time to give us a better document than the constitution is highly unlikely.  It does however lays bare the constitution to gutting by those that would have us lose some of our sacred constitutional rights (freedom of religion, right to bear arms etc.

SJ-2 must not pass. Testify Watch

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