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HD-30, return Jennings to Cheyenne

Mark Jennings is the conservative thought leader Wyoming needs. Doug Gerard creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming is proud to endorse Mark Jennings for HD-30.

Rep. Jennings has been in the legislature for six years. For each of those six years, Rep. Jennings has been fighting to save Wyoming from higher taxes and out of control government spending.

Wyoming is experiencing a conservative awakening. Across the state, liberal Republicans, as rated by Evidence-Based Wyoming, are being challenged by conservative challengers. These conservatives are doing well, and many are poised to defeat incumbent legislators.

It’s why Rep. Jennings return to the legislature is so essential. He has been fighting the good fight for the last six years. He has fought for Wyoming against the ultra-liberal House Leadership of Rep. Harshman, Rep. Barlow, and Rep. Lindholm.

Rep. Jennings has been able to stop Medicaid expansion, tax increases, and the wilder government spending schemes.

With a new class of conservative legislators set for victory, Mark Jennings must return to Cheyenne and join them in saving Wyoming jobs and businesses from the depredations of the liberal fiscal policies of Harshman, Barlow, and Lindholm.

HD-30, vote for Mark Jennings. The job you save may be your own.