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Why Lindholm, Clausen, and Eyre must go


The adventure of 2020’s Senate File 70, Government abuse, fraud, and waste reporting, is just one example of why we need new blood with fresh ideas in Cheyenne.

SF-70 would have established a method for state government employees to identify and report wasteful government spending. It also would have established protections for employees reporting the waste.

This bill was so good it flew through the Senate, passing third reading 25-5. The bill made sense and found common ground among most of the senators. Even the very liberal Senators von Flatern and Pappas supported the bill.

Sounds like a good thing, right? Conservatives and liberals find common ground to fight waste when our state is in a fiscal jam.

Not so fast.

SF-70 arrives at the House of Representatives and what does Speaker Harshman do? He gives the bill not to the Judiciary Committee where it naturally belongs, but to the Corporations Committee chaired by Tyler Lindholm.

Why? Because on the Judiciary Committee sits three of the bill’s sponsors and that significantly increases the likelihood the bill makes it out of committee. For some reason, the liberal House leadership of Harshman, Barlow, and Lindholm didn’t want the bill to succeed. My guess is they want to protect spending levels to force the legislature to adopt new taxes.

What happens next should outrage you. The bill that overwhelmingly passed in the Senate, got killed in committee, 3-6. Three key votes were cast by Tyler Lindholm, Aaron Clausen, and Danny Eyre.

Do we need this kind of experience in Cheyenne? Don’t we need legislators who want to stop government waste?

Wyoming needs legislators who will put Wyoming first, not their big spending high tax agenda.

Please vote for Chip Neiman in HD-1, Camilla Hicks in HD-6 and Karl Allred in HD-19. The job or business you save may be your own.