February 27, 2021

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Don’t fall for the ‘experience’ canard

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We don’t need legislators with experience. We need legislators to cut spending and reform government.

Most of the incumbents running have had more than six years in the legislature. During that exact time span, we’ve have heard of the coming fiscal crisis and the increasing pressure on Wyoming’s budget.

Just what are these incumbents going to do differently they haven’t done already?

2020 Liberal/Very Liberal Incumbents

wdt_ID District Challenger Incumbent, years in legislature

They haven’t reformed the government. They haven’t cut spending, except at the margins.

Even the liberal Governor Mead recognized the need for significant reforms in Wyoming government. In 2017, the Alverez and Marsal Report, a blueprint for saving Wyoming up to $230 million per biennium was presented by Governor Mead.

Here we are three years later. Has the report been implemented?


Under the legislative “leadership” of Steve Harshman and Eric Barlow, little has been done. Many legislators rated ‘very liberal’ or ‘liberal’ by Evidence-Based Wyoming, including Rep. Paxton, Rep. Lindholm, Sen. von Flatern, and Sen. Ellis have done nothing but whistle past the graveyard, ignoring the fiscal tsunami coming our way.

Already the drumbeat of, “we can’t cut our way out of this,” has been banged out by the liberal press and liberal Republicans. While this may yet be true we need to reform government and reduce spending before new taxes are considered. When you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging and claw some of the dirt back in.

We’ve known how to do this in part of this for more than three years, yet, and NOTHING has been done. These big-spending Republicans can’t put away your children’s credit card. Their ‘experience’ will drown Wyoming in taxes.

Vote against every ‘liberal’ or ‘very liberal’ legislator as rated by Evidence-Based-Wyoming.

The job you save may be your own.

1 thought on “Don’t fall for the ‘experience’ canard

  1. Doug, You list French over Northrup for SD18 despite French’s 18 years as an elected commissioner and Bell has 20 years as an elected school board member. A politician is a politician regardless of the office held. Under your theory of “don’t fall for the experience canard,” I’m the only candidate that’s not held elected office and you didn’t even mention me. What’s up with that?

    Part of my campaign has stressed these people are running on their “experience” based on longevity in the office rather than what they bring to the table. My resume outstrips theirs combined.

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