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March 2020

Senator Tom James is a Rock Star

If you don’t know Senator Tom James, a Republican representing Sweetwater County, you should. He’s helped improve the transparency of Wyoming government spending more in his first term than just about any other politician. OpenTheBooks.com has been for three years trying to shed light on where the spending in Wyoming is centered. They’ve done great work… Read More »Senator Tom James is a Rock Star

New legislative Statistic – Critical Defections

The main reason for this website is to give voters access to data about their legislators and how they vote. I’m continually trying to find new ways to relate information about legislators voting tendencies and patterns. One area that always bugs me is the small margins of many votes in the House of Representatives. It… Read More »New legislative Statistic – Critical Defections

Legislative Transparency – Why it Matters

There is a new tool available on Evidence-Based Wyoming, the Legislative Transparency Tool. The tool determines legislative transparency by calculating the percentage of votes that are roll call votes. Roll call votes let you know how your legislator voted. A voice vote isn’t recorded anywhere. There is no history of how a legislator voted for… Read More »Legislative Transparency – Why it Matters

Frontier Republicans – about civility or control?

So the Frontier Republicans are demanding civility in Wyoming’s political discourse. Is that what they want, or are their motives more sinister? Recently an email was sent out from the Frontier Republicans calling for civility while in different forums they vilifyied others as extremists and implied they are cockroaches. (Yeah, they really did that, they… Read More »Frontier Republicans – about civility or control?