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Rep. Sweeney The 10th Democrat

This is a first.

In the eight years I’ve done this analysis I’ve never seen a Republican agree with the Democrats more often than any Democrat.

Until yesterday the 17th of February.

Representative Sweeney (R?-Natrona) set a record by out agreeing with Minority Floor Leader Connolly votes. Rep. Sweeney did so by out agreeing with not one but two Democrats with a whopping 91.5% agreement rate.

To give an idea of how astounding that is, the average Republican legislator only agrees with the Democrats 75.8% of the time. The average Democrats only agrees with their party 94% of the time.

Even a moderate Republican who will agree with Republicans slightly more then the Democrats would be a welcome relief in House District 58.

Rep. Sweeney, would you do everyone a favor and consider switching parties?

17 Feb 2020 Wyoming House Voting Comparision