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If you voice your opinion, you’re bound to learn something!

Also, context matters! It helps to remember when discussing politics that not everyone has your knowledge or life experiences. Yesterday, I wrote a post that had been stewing in the back of my mind for about two weeks. It concerned HB-106, the much-maligned school choice bill.   School choice, now here’s a pure conservative cause; who… Read More »If you voice your opinion, you’re bound to learn something!

The nation is watching…

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Wyoming, the nation is watching! A great read about the conservative revolution here in Wyoming.

More and more bills from the House of Representatives…

Here are a few thoughts on the latest bills posed on Please reach out to your legislators and tell them to stop the shenanigans. No new taxes, free Wyoming from the clutches of the Feds, protect life, and quit lying to us about the purpose of bills. HB-162 and HJ-5 are the more classically… Read More »More and more bills from the House of Representatives…

Evidence-Based Wyoming, the early years

In 2014 I built the first version of Evidence-Based Wyoming to analyze the votes of Wyoming legislators as they voted on legislative bills. Initially known as Evidence-Based Politics, Evidence-Based Wyoming was then first conceived as a mathematical science experiment that could be used to demonstrate and predict the voting proclivities of Wyoming legislators. What follows… Read More »Evidence-Based Wyoming, the early years



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Betrayal, it happens in Cheyenne too. I’ve always thought that it is in the little things you see a man for what he truly believes. His dedication to your shared cause can be seen in how he handles the little things, the things no one will ever really notice or amount to a hill of… Read More »Betrayal

Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Lawmakers of March…

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  • 14 min read

The March portion of this fragmented legislative session is quickly approaching. that means it’s time to get caught up on bills that are important to you or Wyoming. Feel free to disagree with me, I might be wrong. I’ve read all the bills and classified the important ones into three categories, Must Fail, Must Pass,… Read More »Beware the Lawmakers of March…