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Why is Senator Anthony Bouchard afraid of freshman legislator Rep. John Bear?

Why won’t Senator Anthony Bouchard debate Rep. John Bear on the merits and ways to improve the Second Amendment Protection Act? What is Sen. Anthony Bouchard afraid of?

A few days ago, Sen. Bouchard challenged Rep. John Bear to a debate as part of a conversation started by a Facebook pose by Rep. John Bear.

The Challenge

I got involved because I like to organize things that will help Wyoming. In a separate Facebook post, I asked David Iverson of Cowboy State Politics to moderate the debate, and Sen. Bouchard rejected Iverson as a moderator.

I then asked Sen. Bouchard to suggest a co-moderator to provide balance and thereby address his objections. Sen Bouchard did not respond to the request.

Asking for a co-moderator
Asking for open debate

Sen Bouchard instead said he wanted an open debate. I replied great, let’s do that and asked if August 17th would be a reasonable date. Sen. Bouchard evaded saying, “I asked Bear, let him deal with it.”

Deflection and evasion

Rep. Bear then offered several dates for the debate.

Other dates offered

As far as I know, Sen. Bouchard has not responded to Rep. Bear or me to schedule the debate.

I want to hear this debate so the next legislative session can improve the SAPA bill.

People want this debate to happen.

Dan Sabrosky has offered to find a location in Casper for the event.

Tim Lasseter has offered to moderate if needed.

Others have offered to donate money AND their services to broadcast the event and make the video online.

What is Sen. Bouchard afraid of, why won’t he follow through on his challenge to debate Rep. Bear?

Facebook links and screenshots:

Original post from Rep. Bear:…

My post offering to set up the debate: