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Evidence-Based Wyoming More Powerful Than Ever!

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  • 2 min read

One of the goals of Evidence-Based Wyoming is to get information to voters to make intelligent (and hopefully conservative!) choices.

The site has taken a big step forward in accomplishing that with improved the Select Bill Scoring tool.

You can access the tool here.

This tool lets you pick the bills that are of interest and score the votes made by the legislature. You become the umpire, calling balls and strikes on every recorded vote made by every legislator since 2009.

It has a built-in search tool that scans the bills for keywords to help you find the bills of interest to you. It also lets you customize the scoring system allowing votes that are more important to carry greater weight than more pedestrian votes.

For example, conservatives often want to know how pro-life a legislator votes. With the new tool, you can make a list of every abortion-related vote since 2009 and see how every legislator about being pro-life. If you search for abortion then select every non-budget/appropriation bill, you score more than 25 votes specifically concerning portion. Taking the pro-life stance on every vote and you get the complete Pro-Life scoring from 2009-2022.

If you ever wanted to know how legislators vote on particular issues, now you can get the full story.

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