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Understanding the Wyoming GOP’s Civil War

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  • 2 min read

Want to understand the Wyoming Republican civil war?

Just read this from the Cato Institute’s State Freedom Summary for Wyoming.

The Wyoming GOP consists of two groups, the grassroots, and the elites. Not surprisingly the grassroots push for more individual freedom and want government reform. The elites, not so much; the status quo is just fine and a few extra taxes well that’s okay too.

To understand the nature of the conflict, it is really quite simple. It is a battle between those who want more freedom and less government (the grassroots about 60% of the state) and the elites (and their Democrat and Frontier Republican allies, 40% of the state) who think the big government gravy train is just fine.

Looking at the CATO state freedom report the freedom-loving grassroots folks know Wyoming can do better. The elites again with their Democrat and Frontier Republican allies stand against anything that leads to smaller government.

Thank’s to legislators like John Bear, Chip Neiman, OceanDylan Andrew, Mark Jennings WY State Representative House District 30, Bo Biteman, Rachel Rodriguez Williams, and others who are pushing reforms. While the reforms have a hard time of getting passed our not very conservative, elite-run legislature.

Wyoming can do better than 26th in the nation.

Wyoming should be the beacon for individual liberty and small government in the US, not the 24th worst in the nation.