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Highlights in the Wyoming Legislature March 8th, 2021

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Highlights in the House:

Stating at 8 am:

The House Judiciary Committee hears HB-116 Concealed carry-residency requirement-2. This bill is a must pass. It makes it so any US citizen can conceal carry in Wyoming. Testify Watch

Upon noon recess:

House Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions, HB-98, HB-113, HB-127 and HB 56 all dealing with fixing Wyoming’s broken public health order system are up for discussion. Testify Watch

Nothing caught my attention In the Committee of the Whole for the House.

Highlights in the Senate:

Starting 8 am:

Labor Health and Social Services will hear SF-154 Medicaid expansion. Medicaid expansion has failed for at least the last eight years, and the streak must continue. It is unlikely the Labor committee will reject it unless they hear from you. Testify Watch

In the Committee of the Whole:

Second reading, SF-80 Public health orders-local and legislative oversight.

Third Reading consent list:

SF-3, Automated vehicle identification systems. This is a horrible bill that will let you get a ticket dispatched from a machine. You are entitled to face you accuser in America. You can’t interrogate or other wise dispose a machine.

SF-11, Highway safety-seat belts. This is another bill where the government is out to protect you from yourself. It will make not wearing a seat belt a primary offence and let you be pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

SF-67 Repeal gun free zones.

SF-100 Internet freedom-prohibiting discrimination.