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Mid-week update

Sorry folks, I’ve been a bit busy and a bit behind in processing the latest in legislative action.

The Evidence-Based Wyoming application just processed the legislative record up through March 4th, 2021.

One of the pieces of data the Evidence-Based Wyoming system generates is a summary of the last actions taken for each bill in one nice spreadsheet, you can download the latest data through March 4, 2021 here:

It’s still early days as the legislature is way behind compared to normal sessions as indicated by the number of votes each legislator has cast.

Voting pattern of Wyoming legislators as of March 4th, 2021

The House remains the biggest challenge for conservatives. Substantial numbers of Republican legislators vote more like Democrats. This shouldn’t be surprising as Speaker Barlow is one of the most liberal Speakers of the House in many years. (Not counting Speaker Harshman, of course.)

March 5, 2021 Republicans that vote like Democrats

As the table shows high agreement with Democrats is accompanied by high agreement with Republicans. This can only mean liberal Republicans along with their Democrat allies dominate in the legislature.