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Betrayal, it happens in Cheyenne too.

I’ve always thought that it is in the little things you see a man for what he truly believes. His dedication to your shared cause can be seen in how he handles the little things, the things no one will ever really notice or amount to a hill of beans in the final counting.

It’s a vote on amendment HB0030H2002 on House bill HB0030. This was about making sure coal plants in Wyoming would stay open and there would a moratorium on shutting them down.

This one small vote ought to speak loudly to Campbell County.


Sure on a third reading an amendment of similar wording came up and it failed even though the Speaker switched his vote this time. But that doesn’t change this one vote, a vote that might have saved Wyoming electrical plant jobs and possibly a few Wyoming coal mine jobs too.

In the grand scheme, this one vote wouldn’t have much of an impact on the Wyoming coal industry.

It does show how unimportant Wyoming coal miner jobs are to the Speaker of the House.

It’s not important enough to get the vote right the first time.

Again, this one small vote ought to speak loudly to Campbell County.

(Hat tip Jeff Raney)

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