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Happy Thanksgiving (with a side of politics)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been bizarre. Despite that, we all have lots to be thankful for, even if things aren’t turning out as you’d expected or wanted.

Take time to pray for those that have COVID, including Governor Mark Gordon. I had this miserable disease. It is not something I’d wish on anyone. If you can, reach out and help those less fortunate than you; someone could always use a helping hand.

For the side of politics, check out my guest column on Cowboy State Daily. I thought it was a pretty good piece and pointed out that the State of Wyoming must act to preserve our health freedom. 

If you care to do so, remind the Governor of his obligation. Below is the message I sent the Governor. Feel free to send it to him as well.

God bless you, your family, and the Great State of Wyoming!

Governor Gordon,

While I know you have lots on your plate, I hate to add one more, but it is one I believe will help Wyoming citizens.

I would appreciate it if you could get the Board of Medicine to rescind their statement from March of this year about their intent to go after doctors that treat their patients outside of the continually changing “standard of care” for COVID-19.

I believe the statement to conflict with the Healthcare Freedom Amendment of the Wyoming Constitution. The only government branch that can make regulations regarding health care is the legislative branch. 

I don’t ask for this lightly as I know the Board of Medicine has two vital roles: ensuring our doctors are sufficiently trained and adjudicating complaints against individual doctors.

That said, the Wyoming Constitution has a ‘right to try’ as guaranteed by the Wyoming Healthcare Freedom Amendment that was approved by 77% of voters in 2012. Part of the amendment was to ensure the State of Wyoming would protect individual health care freedom; as our state’s Governor, this responsibility falls to you.

I’d ask you to give this matter your urgent attention. 

While we may often disagree on particular policies, please know I appreciate the time, sacrifice, and effort you have made for our great state.


Doug Gerard

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