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Evidence-Based Wyoming’s Voter Guide


I’ve received many requests for an Evidence-Based Wyoming Voter Guide.

I don’t have a read on all the races. I present this list as my list of must-win candidates for the next legislature. If your district isn’t listed, I don’t know enough about that race to make a recommendation.

Wyoming needs change!  The current trajectory of spend, spend, and spend will only continue to harm our state. In the long run, with higher taxes, it will cost us jobs and businesses.  

Wyoming is too small a state and cannot afford tax increases. There are roughly 273,000 in the Wyoming workforce, of which 65,700 are government employees. In other words, 207,000 employed Wyomingites will be taxed to make up the 1.5 billion dollar shortfall, roughly $7,250 per nongovernmental employee.  It’s unsustainable, and if we continue in this manner we will lose jobs and businesses further harming Wyoming.

The leadership of Governors Gordon, Governor Mead before him, along with Speaker of the House Steve Harshman has failed us!

We need new legislators with a new approach. We need to elect conservatives who understand the stakes and are willing to stand up for us.

With that understanding, we need candidates who:

  • Understand the need for reform and corresponding budget cuts, rather than continued out of control spending and tax increases.
  • Are for the Second Amendment.
  • Are pro-life.
  • Support Republican priorities:
    • Voter ID
    • Closing the primaries
  • If running as an incumbent, the candidate is rated conservative or very conservative by Evidence-Based Wyoming.
  • If running against an incumbent, the incumbent must be rated liberal or very liberal by Evidence-Based Wyoming.

I honestly believe if we elect candidates who meet these criteria, we will save Wyoming jobs and businesses and right our beleaguered state.

Here are Evidence-Based Wyoming’s list of preferred candidates:

2020 Evidence-Based Wyoming Voting Recommendations

wdt_ID Office Preferred Candidate Primary Opponent
Office Preferred Candidate

Thanks for listening!

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Evidence Based Wyoming Wyoming politics, conservatively by the numbers

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