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HD-43: Save Jobs, Vote John Harvey

HD-43 is one of the most vital races for conservatives to win if the legislature is going to get off the high-tax big-spending train conducted by Zwonitzer and Harshman. Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, endorses John Harvey for HD-43.  

Democrats love Dan Zwonitzer.  The data from Evidence-Based Wyoming shows Rep. Zwonitzer votes more like a Democrat. Evidence-Based Wyoming rates Dan Zwonitzer as one of the most liberal legislators year after year, and each year Rep. Zwonitzer only gets more liberal.  

Dan Zwonitzer’s tax and spend philosophy deserves relegation to the junk bin. His sixteen-year tenure has ushered in the near fiscal collapse of Wyoming’s state budget.  Rep. Zwonitzer is seemingly unconcerned that his approach will cost Wyomingites their jobs and businesses.

Rep. Zwonitzer’s love of new taxes and more spending are legendary, for example, Dan Zwonitzer has vowed to keep bringing back Medicaid Expansion, despite the fact Wyoming can’t afford it. Rep. Zwonitzer is symbolic of the big-spending high tax liberal philosophy that will further Wyoming’s fiscal collapse.  

In contrast, John Harvey is a refreshing candidate. He is thoughtful and hard-working. John Harvey is a conservative who understands Wyoming’s state government needs reform, not tax hikes. John Harvey knows businesses will close and jobs will be lost if we continue down the current track.

John Harvey stands for traditional Wyoming conservative values, a frugal government, our Second Amendment rights, and is pro-life. 

Please vote for John Harvey. The job or business you save may be your own.