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SD-8, It’s time for Dan Young

Wyoming needs Dan Young; his conservative leadership will save Wyoming jobs. Doug Gerard of Evidence-Based Wyoming is happy to endorse Dan Young for SD-8.

Sen. Affie Ellis is a nice lady, and her service in the last four years is appreciated. Unfortunately, Sen. Ellis is one of the more liberal of Wyoming Republican senators. That alone should be enough to earn Dan Young your vote.

Sen. Ellis service hasn’t helped Wyoming as much as it could. Wyoming is arguably in a worse position than it was four years ago.

  • Has there been significant government reform? No.
  • Has there been significant real spending cuts? No
  • Is Wyoming better off than four years ago? No.
  • Is Wyoming facing the same budget crisis it was four years ago? No, it’s worse.

We’ve heard for at least the last six years of the coming budget crisis, and next to nothing has been done. Sen. Ellis hasn’t been advocating for what Wyoming needs, and that’s government reform.

Even Governor Mead, a significant tax and spender, understood Wyoming needs reform. His administration proposed the Alverez and Marsell Report in 2017, the same year Sen. Ellis took office, as the blueprint for the first steps of improvement. It would have saved Wyoming upwards of $230 million per biennium. It was never implemented.

Wyoming can’t take four more years without significant reform. Our current legislators, most importantly Sen. Ellis, are either unwilling or unable to make the hard decisions. It’s why we need Dan Young.  

Dan Young is conservative. Dan Young understands small business. Dan Young will save Wyoming from the overspending waste that has come to characterize state government.

Vote for Dan Young, the job or business you save may be your own.