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Allred for HD-21

Its time to end the effete tenure of Rep. Simpson.

Rep. Evan Simpson has got to go.  Rep. Simpson is one of the most liberal Representatives in the House.  Ten times in 2020 alone, Rep. Simpson voted against the Republican caucus in the Senate. If that doesn’t earn Taylor Allred your vote, ask yourself how Wyoming is doing compared to 2017 when Rep. Simpson took office?

  • Has there been significant government reform? No.
  • Has there been significant real spending cuts? No
  • Is Wyoming better off than four years ago? No.
  • Is Wyoming facing the budget crisis it was four years ago? No, it’s worse.

Even Governor Mead, a significant tax and spender, understood Wyoming needs reform. His administration proposed the Alverez and Marsell Report in 2017, the same year Rep. Simpson took office), as the blueprint for the first steps of improvement. It would have saved Wyoming upwards of $230 million per biennium. It was never implemented.

Wyoming can’t continue without significant reform. Our current legislators are either unwilling or unable to make the hard decisions.

I know Taylor Allred well. He’s conservative, hard-working, dedicated, and wants Wyoming to succeed. Most importantly, Taylor Allred has a keen sense of right and wrong and won’t just go along to get along. Taylor Allred will stand on his conservative principles and make hard decisions for the betterment of Wyoming.

Vote for Taylor Allred. The job or business you save may be your own.