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HD-29 Vote for Ken Pendergraft

Liberal Mark Kinner has had his chance and failed.

Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, endorses Ken Pendergraft for HD-29.

Ken Pendergraft should earn your vote because: 

  • Ken is a conservative who practices what he preaches.
  • Ken understands we need government reform before we do anything else.
  • Ken understands new taxes may close many small businesses.
  • Ken is a staunch Second Amendment supporter.

For six years, we’ve heard nothing but the coming budget disaster from Cheyenne. Coincidentally, Rep. Kinner has been in office for six years. What does Wyoming have to show for it? Nothing.

Mark Kinner is a decent guy. But he has shown over the last six years he isn’t up to the task in these trying times.

Even Governor Mead, no stranger to tax hikes and wild government spending, understood Wyoming needs governmental reform. In 2017 Gov. Mead presented a plan to do precisely that. The Alverez and Marsal proposal could have saved Wyoming $100 million each year. It was never implemented.

Where was Rep. Kinner? Rep. Kinner is consistently one of the more liberal voices in the legislature. Rep. Kinner has had his chance and failed.

Now is the time for new blood and new ideas.

Ken Pendergraft is an actual Republican that has conservative values. He will serve HD-29 and Wyoming well.

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