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HD-24: Vote Nina Webber – An Actual Republican

Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, excitedly endorses Nina Webber for House District-24. Nina Webber is not only the conservative choice; by the numbers, Nina is the only Republican choice.

Let’s, for a second, ignore Sandy Newsome’s nonexistent support for gun rights. Let’s also ignore Sandy Newsome’s support for job-killing and business crushing taxes. Let’s focus on Sandy Newsome’s voting record in its entirety.

Evidence-Based Wyoming’s data for 2020 shows Rep. Newsome as one of eight Republicans more likely to vote in line with the average-Democrat than the average Republican.  

Nina Webber is the Republican choice:

  • Nina Webber is pro-gun. 
  • Nina Webber is pro-life.
  • Nina Webber knows reforming government is critical to Wyoming’s success.
  • Nina Webber understands the challenges facing our small businesses.

Help save Wyoming, vote Nina Webber in HD-24, the job or business you save may be your own.