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Does a single vote make a legislator a liberal?

I had a comment on Facebook from Rep. Clark Stith in response to my latest post regarding the two day old 2020 legislative session and the voting pattern already emerging.

So when we convince Democrats to vote for a bill to make limits on special district taxes enforceable, as they did today to support house bill 89, which I sponsored and received 59 votes in the house today, that makes me liberal?

Rep. Clark Stith – Facebook

I thought about that for a bit, and laid out the reasoning for Evidence Based Wyoming, here is my reply:

Rep. Clark Stith, It isn’t about a single vote, but about all votes taken during session.

I support the tolling of I-80, much to the consternation of my fellow conservatives. Does that make me a liberal? No it doesn’t. Ronald Reagan had his 80/20 rule, and that’s a Republican thing through and through. Not a single Republican agrees with 100% of the platform.

That said voters deserve a snapshot to better understand how their legislator votes.

In the House many votes are decided by less that 10 votes. When a particularly bad policy gets passed, it helps to understand is this a one off issue oriented vote, or is it part of a larger pattern of voting. Evidence Based Wyoming gives voters a tool to make that judgement.

My guess is that as the session continues your stats will bring you back to where you have been historically, a moderate Republican. Too moderate for my tastes, but a reliable Republican vote none the less.

You can go to the EvidenceBasedWyoming.com and click on the Legislative Analysis Tool in the menu or in the sidebar that open’s with the menu hamburger icon. Or you can go here https://evidencebasedwyominglegislatorcomparison.azureweb… to examine the last decade or so of compiled data.

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