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Wyoming Republican Party

Convention, Conversation, and Correction

On Friday, June 26th, I attended the Wyoming Republican Convention. This year is the first year that I had a booth for my legislative ranking system. It’s been an exciting experience so far. I conversed with thirty or more Republicans of all stripes.   One of the more interesting conversations was with Rep. Jared Olsen (R-Cheyenne)… Read More »Convention, Conversation, and Correction

Frontier Republicans – the new way to avoid accountability

A lot of chatter has been generated lately by a new group calling themselves ‘Frontier Republicans.’ This group believes that the Republican Party has been taken over by extremists. These ‘Frontier Republicans’ claim they represent the ‘real Republican Party’ and demand that there ‘should be no litmus test to be a Republican.’ Frontier Republicans are… Read More »Frontier Republicans – the new way to avoid accountability