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Evidenced-Based Wyoming is conceived, written and otherwise horribly mangled by Doug Gerard.

If you are easily offended, you don’t belong here.

While offending folks isn’t what Doug likes to do, he does excel at it.  His keyboard, mouth and other communication output devices are incredibly faster than his wit.  This engineering feat is accomplished by removing all filters, which once every twelve years produces a funny or insightful comment…like clockwork.

Not all of the opinions are Doug’s.  In fact, the good ones are usually thought up by someone way smarter.  The intolerable short-sighted and poorly thought out ones are without a doubt his.

On a more serious note, the work presented is presented in good faith and is meant to provide a clear and honest conservative view on what we can do to make Wyoming better.

Statistics used are thought to be accurate when sited.  If they aren’t well attributed or are used erroneously, let Doug know.  He’ll either fix it or update his post to reflect the new information.  (or if you are particularly unpleasant, ignore you altogether.  This is Wyoming no one ever gets snarky about politics.)

Original statistical work is meant to be presented as a science experiment.  Any statistical work done is meant to be verifiable and repeatable by those so inclined.  Mark Twain was right when he noted there are three kinds of lies, “Lies, damned lies and statistics”, here they are meant to be understood and reproducible so they are more of the former and less of the latter.

If you want an explanation of how something was calculated then ask!  You can expect a post to follow up and fulfill the request for an explanation.  (No guarantee on alacrity of response.)