New Look, New Tools

Evidence-Based Wyoming undergoes a lot of analysis, testing, and improvement!

This year we have a new look at the website and the legislative tool.

The legislative tool has been overhauled. EBW is simpler to use and has more functionality than previous incarnations.

Better still EBW now offers the ability to score bills that are important to you.

Are you pro-life? You can score the pro-life bills to see who really protects the innocent.

Are you looking for a legislator that will hold the line on budget spending? You can score every vote in the budget bills to find out who really is the Budget Conservative king of the hill.

1 thought on “New Look, New Tools”

  1. Doug,
    I have had a number of people suggest that I contact you. My company, J.M.Tooman,inc., is responsible for producing the website. I am seriously considering setting up a link page and would like to know if you are interested in me linking to your site.

    Let me know. If you would like to talk in person, my phone# is 307-746-3435, and you obviously have my email.

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