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HD-47: Vote Joey Correnti to reform Wyoming government

Doug Gerard, the creator of Evidence-Based Wyoming, emphatically endorses Joey Correnti for HD-47.

The Wrong Choice – Rep. Jerry Paxton

Rep. Jerry Paxton represents the only real challenger to Joey Correnti.

Rep. Paxton is one of the most liberal Republicans in the House of Representatives. Evidence-based Wyoming rates Rep. Paxton as ‘Very Liberal.’ When Rep. Paxton votes against his party, 34% of the time his vote is the reason the Republican majority loses.

Perhaps the biggest argument against Rep. Paxton is in the eight years he has been in the legislature next to nothing has been accomplished to reform Wyoming government.

Even the ultra-liberal Governor Mead understood the need to reform Wyoming government. He proposed the Alverez and Marsal Report in 2017 as a way to improve Wyoming’s bottom line. For an outlay of $30 million, Wyoming could be saving up to $230 million per biennium. Yet Rep. Paxton and his liberal colleagues steadfastly ignored the report and implemented precious little of it. One has to wonder how much better off Wyoming would be as we face the consequences of COVID had the Alverez and Marsal reforms been implemented.

Jerry Paxton is a good man who did his best, and his best hasn’t worked. His big-spending, more tax agenda has failed Wyoming.

We must demand better, Wyoming deserves it.

The Right Choice

Joey Correnti scares the liberal establishment. For that reason, the ultra-liberal Casper Star-Tribune attacked him with such venom.

Mr. Correnti is a freedom-loving patriot and understands that Wyoming is at a crossroads. It will take restraint, resolve, and a bit of tough love to squarely face the challenges ahead of Wyoming. He understands that fundamental governmental reform is what Wyoming needs.

Joey Correnti is blunt, direct, and won’t play games to hide the stark reality Wyoming faces. He’ll call it as he sees it, explain his reasoning, and will do what’s best for Wyoming.

Joey Correnti will keep you and me free from a government that does too much at too high a price.

Vote Joey Correnti in HD-47, the job or business it saves may be your own.

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