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Let’s “Throw the bums out”

So the campaign season is here.

Many candidates are already canvassing their districts. The sense is that COVID-19 absentee and early voting, which begins July 3rd, will be critical in this year’s election.

Last night saw a debate for state legislative office last night in Campbell County. It was lively with the incumbents, especially Rep. Eric Barlow and Sen. Michael VonFlatern, mailing in uninspired performances of the same old tired rhetoric.

One of the nights more interesting points came as Rep. Barlow bumbled, touting his leadership role. Rep. Barlow’s mistake was capitalized on by candidate John Bear whose running for HD-31.

John Bear was right too as few believe Wyoming is on the right path; high cost of government, excessive government spending, and lost jobs are a huge problem for Wyoming and one the legislature has ignored for the last four years. Add to that the over-aggressive COVID lockdown, and the rise of cancel culture in Gillette City Council and we are definitely being led in the wrong direction.

Mr. Barlow might want to remember that when you’re in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging. He keeps digging by leading us toward higher taxes and more spending. Not a surprise when he is one of the most liberal Republicans and also the most willing to support Democrats over his own party.

Troy McKeown, who is challenging longtime incumbent Senator Michael Von Flatern did very well. Sen. Von Flatern appeared flat and appears to have no new ideas, save one, Sen. Von Flatern wants to cut spending in the classroom by reducing the “basket of goods” offered by the state.

Troy McKeown focused on this like a laser. After all, what are you going to cut, history, math, science? Troy McKeown stood up for teachers and their students. Mr. McKeown knows you can’t make cuts in the classroom.

It is no surprise that Sen. Von Flatern wants to protect the bloated education bureaucracy. Sen Von Flatern is ranked as the most liberal Republican Senator by this site.

Taking a bird’s eye view It looks more and more that the liberal establishment in the legislature has only one card left to play, more taxes. Liberal Republicans, their Democrat allies, and the mainstream media couldn’t be happier.

The good news is this year candidates like Mr. McKeown and Mr. Bear show that there are plenty of new ideas out there and men and women willing to implement them.

We can only hope for change if we, as they say, “throw the bums out”.

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