August 3, 2021

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Wyoming Budget Information

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Here is some useful information headed into the 2020 Legislative session.

Best start with reading the budget factbook from the State of Wyoming.

Here is a quick summary of the budget information of the various states as of January 12, 2020. The data is from Wikipedia which sources their data to the state legislators across the US. It includes a column to view the budget based on the size of the individual states to see if state size could account for the size of the varying budgets.:

State Budgets 2019

wdt_IDStateBudget per capita ($)Budget (billions $)Budget Per 10000 sq. mi
1 Rhode Island9,430.0010.0096.71
2 New Jersey6,224.0055.4075.33
3 Massachusetts6,068.0041.9053.72
4 Maryland8,475.0051.2052.75
5 Connecticut6,025.0021.5044.40
6 New York9,087.00177.0037.56
7 Hawaii10,810.0015.4023.98
8 Delaware4,603.004.5023.09
9 Washington15,707.00118.4017.82
10 Florida4,277.0091.1016.99
Avg = 8,070.60 Avg = 58.64 Avg = 44.24
Min = 4,277.00 Min = 4.50 Min = 16.99
Max = 15,707.00 Max = 177.00 Max = 96.71

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